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Hey, came across this while I was browsing old game jams.

This is a very cool idea implemented for a game.
How could I contact you to talk about a collaboration?

Hello i played this game with my friends yesterday and we had so much fun!!
thanks for creating this game :D

Game looks pretty cool! Kudos to the artists.

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Pretty fun game. Good job guys!


your all terrible game devs and you should get fired


Today we all got fired thanks to you random guy :(

its look cool, but my pc isn't, 3 fps go brrrrrr



Love it... I'm going to ask one favor, controller support if you can, else there's a bug, the distance between players becomes limitless if you pause/unpause❤️ love your work. Keep it up.

this game kinda cool! i'm gonna download it :D


Thanks! Hope you like it

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dude... that game was awesome! even my sister likes it. and she always asks me to play your game XD

my feedback is, I think you can make the button in the main menu just highlighted. not zoom in & zoom out

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good arcade

Thanks for playing and uploading a gameplay!

why no one make a gameplay for this, like this game is worth it

Nevermind, someone already make it